Terms and Conditions

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions, these apply to ANY of our recreational and non professional or corporate courses and are there for the protection of you and the protection of our business.

Your course price includes the following;

  • All PADI Materials
  • All Instructor Fees
  • PADI Certification Card
  • All Air Fills
  • All Diving Equipment (except Mask, Snorkel and Boots)
  • Pool fees (See Below) – with the exception of corporate bookings

A set number of pool sessions are included in the following courses;

  • PADI Discover Scuba – 1 Pool Session
  • PADI Scuba Diver – Maximum of 2 pool sessions
  • PADI Open Water Diver – Maximum of 3 pool sessions
  • PADI Rescue Diver – Maximum of 3 pool sessions
  • PADI Drysuit Diver – Maximum of 1 pool session

A pool session is defined as a two hour period which includes the time spent briefing/de-briefing and, equipment assembly/disassembly, with the exception of our PADI Discover Scuba Session which are an experience and last approximately 1 hour.

Our course prices DO NOT include;

  • Any mask, snorkel or diving boots due to hygiene reasons
  • Transfers between dive sites or swimming pools
  • Dive site entry fees
  • Drysuit or drysuit hire fees
  • Parking Fees

We reserve the right to change the dates of the course at any time we feel that any of the participants are unable to continue or it is the opinion of our instructional team that the participant is unable to complete the core elements at a given point in time.

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they are medically and mentally fit for their course, should this not be the case and the course is moved to a different or alternative dates, the participant may incur additional costs.

Any participant found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst on a course with Just U Dive will be asked to leave the course with immediate effect. This endangers all participants involved in a course as well as  our instructional team and will not be tolerated in any way.

From time to time the weather hampers our enjoyment of our oceans and whilst some weather conditions are acceptable for experienced and qualified divers, they can be unacceptable to instruct/train in, particulary at novice level.  We will always check weather reports but on the odd occassion sometimes mother nature does her own thing.  Should the instructional team deem a dive site unsafe for those they are about to train, we will endeavour to continue your course on an alternative date.  A maximum of three alternative dates will be offered.

Additional Costs

Additional costs can and will be incurred in the following circumstances, certifications will not be issued until all fees have been settled in full.

  • Missed course dates or dive times
  • Missed boat dives/lateness for boat dives
  • Cancelled courses with  minimal notice/no notice
      • No notice is defined as less than 24 Hours
      • Minimal notice is defines as up to 24 Hours
  • Additional pool sessions are required before open water sessions take place (£50 per pool session – per person)

Multiple Course Bookings and Advanced Bookings

Should you decide to book and pay for multiple courses in advance, we will book and schedule dates in accordingly and agree them with you, the student.  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they complete those courses within the schedules agreed and set.  As a business we will honour those dates as long as there is no compromise on any safety aspect.   In the event that these dates cannot be met due to weather or any other suitability issues,  we will offer 2 alternative dates should the cancellation is made by Just U Dive.  If any cancellation is made by the student due to illness and within a reasonable time frame, we will offer 2 alternative dates.  Medical documentation maybe requested.

If the student(s) are unable to make either dates, we will be unable to refund the course.

Our commitment as a professional company is to ensure that our teaching ratios are correct, and therefore we plan our courses and business accordingly.

Under Age Participants

Those participants that are under the age of 18, must be accompanied to dive sites by a guardian or parent.  This guardian or parent must be present at the dive site area at ALL times.

Emergency Actions

All participants must give at the time of booking their emergency contact details.  This needs to be a person that is NOT in water with the participant.  In the unlikely event of any incident the Just U Dive team will fall into our emergency action plan and procedures.  All PADI Instructors are also EFR Instructors (Emergency First Response) and they are ALL rescue trained.  The instructional dive team will act in the best interests of everyone involved.  We have a duty of care to all our course participants and we stringently uphold this at all times.

Cancellations/Missed Courses/Refunds Policy

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds on any cancelled courses, we incur as a business fees for making bookings in advance, many of those bookings are numbers based, and also include material fees, certification fees which are purchased on a students behalf when the course is initially booked.  We can hold the course open for 12 months for dates to be re-booked on the provision we are given a minimum notice period of at least 3 days notice.

Cancellations made due to illness or health issues do happen and we understand that this is sometimes unavoidable, in this instance we will hold the course open to be taken over a 12 month period.  We will offer no more than 3 dates to re-take the course within our training schedule, it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they take complete the course within this time and the dates that are offered.

Medical Forms

For every course booked we require a medical form to be completed.  All medical questions on this form must be answered with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ response.  If you are not sure answer ‘YES’.  If you answer ANY question with a ‘YES’ response we must request that you consult your doctor and complete all sections of page 2 of the medical form.

Please ask the practice to stamp your medical form where possible.  Take a photocopy of your medical and supply to us in the form of a scanned email, physical hard copy or post it to us at our postal address.  Keep the original and keep it with you of your diving course dates.

We are unable accept any medicals with ANY restrictions on whatsoever.

Any changes to your health physically or mentally after a signed and non restricted medical from a GP has been received, no matter what the circumstances, must be represented to your GP again – as changes to your health may invalidate your insurance to dive and put others in danger.  This is a legal requirement for insurance purposes, any information passed to any of our dive team on medical conditions will be taken into consideration.

You must be medically physically and mentally fit to partake scuba diving.

Payment Terms

Payments for any courses are due in full PRIOR to any course or experience physically taking place.  Deposits are requested at the time of booking PADI courses with full balance expected on the date of the course scheduled start date.

Full payment is expected for any corporate/commercial or group bookings.  Our business to business terms are ‘payment due upon receipt of invoice’ unless otherwise agreed with the company director.  We are unable to offer credit terms.

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