Booking Information

Want to book a course?

Here’s what YOU need to know.

On booking with us by email/phone or in person, you will need to pay a deposit for your course as determined below;

Any other course or experience is required to be paid in full at point of booking.

The balance of any course is due on the first scheduled day of the course starting.  Any course which is completed but unpaid for will result in the delay of certification.

For all of our full courses you will need to provide or buy the following items due to hygiene;

  • Diving Mask (Must be tempered glass)
  • Snorkel
  • Diving Boots

We do offer a discount if all items are purchased from us, but promise not to throw you off the course should you decide not to!

All courses have a determined number of dives and/or swimming pool sessions to attend and these are included in the course costs.   Our team are experienced and professional diving educators, at times you may need additional sessions within a swimming pool environment or more sea dives before we are able to ascertain your mastery of the skills required to dive safely within a particular certification.  Any additional time will be explained to you


The most important one is a PADI Medical Statement.  This statement asks you to complete the questions asked with either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.  You may be asked to visit your local GP to ascertain that you are medically fit for scuba diving.  Our team are not able to answer ANY questions relating to medical issues.  It is important for your protection (and ours!) that you are honest.


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